How to Set Off Fireworks Safely

ფეიერვერკი are a natural part of all celebrations including New Year’s. Before we begin discussing the safety rules, let’s take a look at the history of fireworks. They were created in tenth century in China. They evolved into many different kinds with their own specific effects. Soon firework creation became a profession and an art. Nowadays, no concert or New Year’s can be imagined without fireworks. It is necessary, however, to abide by all the caution rules to avoid any mishaps. ფეიერვერკების მაღაზია

Tools needed:

  • Fireworks
  • Matches


  1. Never light the fuse while holding the fireworks, because you might not be able to control it and get varying types of face burns.
  2. Select a place where there won’t be trees or any other things that might get in the way nearby, such as apartment buildings, houses, wires, billboards and so on.
  3. Secure the firework in snow or ground and make sure, that it is standing there firmly, pointing towards the sky.
  4. Make sure that the fireworks aren’t pointing towards any objects.
  5. Light the fuse and take at least 5 steps away from the fireworks. If you are with others, make sure they do the same.
  6. Wait for the firework show. In case if the fireworks don’t start shooting, do not get close. Different fireworks take different time to start.
  7. Once the fireworks are over, leave it where it is. Do not get close! More shots might be left.
  8. Go to the place where you set up the firework the next day, gather and throw away the “leftovers”.from:  ფართი შოპი

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